Concession Stand Help Needed

Our concession stand is a great asset to the Portage Soccer Complex.  In addition to enticing players and spectators with cold drinks, fresh popcorn, candy, or a cold freezer pop after a hard game, our concession stand offers a resource to both our teams and our visitors.  

Our volunteers offer assistance, answer questions, provide ice and assistance for injuries, and serve as a communication hub.  In addition, the concession stand volunteers monitor the restrooms and pick up trash on the fields.

We are continually looking for volunteers to help keep our concession windows open.   We are seeking volunteers willing to learn about how the complex operates and serve as assistant coordinators for our concession stand.  There is a lot of flexibility with this opportunity, as well as the opportunity to work with a variety of people and schedules.  It is also a great opportunity to get to know the families within Portage Soccer Club.  This could be an internship possibility for high school and/or college students, volunteer hours for high school students over the age of 16, or something that you just have a heart for.  

Please stop in when we are open or contact Cheryl Kucharski at if you are interested in talking about how you might be able to assist with keeping our concession stand open and running strong!

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