Soccer Profiles

Letting Coach's get to know who you are

Coaches receive thousands of emails and phone calls from prospective players and their parents all the time.  Rather than having to make contact with each and every one of them they would prefer a way to screen prospective candidates so they can better allocate their time and efforts on players who may fit into their program.  What they are really looking at is four areas:

►Do they have a proven record of athletic accomplishment; i.e. level of play, training, etc.

►Does the athletes playing style fit my program.

►Academically can they adjust and maintain eligibility.

►Will they fit in with the group dynamics on and off the field.

So how do you convey all this information into a package that catches the coaches eye and gets them to want to meet with you?  It all starts with your Soccer Profile.   There are two components of this profile, the background information and the game video.  Starting with the background, similar to building a resume for a job search, you are simply building your soccer resume.  Weather seeking a new job or a position on a collegiate soccer program, the most important thing to do with you resume is to regularly review it and identify areas you should work towards improve upon and then add updating the resume.

The Soccer Resume should have:   Personal information, athletic information including a link to your profile website, list of academic and athletic awards, training attended, accomplishments and references.  If you do a computer search you will find countless examples and templates.  To save you sometime this is a template I used for my child.