NAIA Recruitment Rules

Unlike the NCAA, the NAIA is less restrictive; in fact they are very straight forward and don't differentiate based on division or high school grade.   They do not have recruiting calendars at this time nor have other recruiting restrictions for high school students. Coaches are free to contact prospective students up until the point where the athlete draws equipment and engages in organized pre-school practice at another institution.

A prospective student is defined as any individual who has never identified or whose previous collegiate identification was with another collegiate institution.  An individual remains classified as a "prospective" student until the time in which they practice with the team during the 24 week season or they are identified with an institution.  An individual's status is not impacted by age, grade level, college acceptance or signed commitment.

Coaches are permitted to contact high school students as early as they would like and as often without restriction.   Once the student has enrolled at another institution or has drawn equipment and participated in pre-season practices at another institution, coaches can no longer initiate contact with the student. From that point forward the student is off limits to the coach unless the student contacts them. In the case of junior college students, coaches can initiate contact with a two-year college prospect once that student has completed the academic year in which he or she is charged with their first season of competition by the junior college.