Recruitment Process

Networking to get the job

You have now reviewed several schools and identified a number you would like to make contact with.  This is the point in the process where we say “It’s time to let go”.   Parents, you have to learn to be willing to let go of their kids and let them lead the way in the recruitment process.  Athletes, you have to let go of your insecurity and be willing to step up and be assertive with coaches.  If you are a great fit for a program, coaches are impressed by student-athletes who are proactive and initiate contact. In school teachers expect a greater level of responsibility from their students as they move from elementary to middle and then middle to high school.   Similarly, coaches expect a greater level of independence and responsibility from the players they will be coaching.  They need to feel comfortable you will be able to thrive on your own and away from home.  Having your parents calling and emailing coaches does not show them the level of independence they are looking for.

The two most important rules about making contact are:

  1. Never hesitate to initiate contact with a coach!

  2. If one doesn’t work out simply move on to the next!

To make contact I recommend you create a form email template you can customize for each school.  This will make life a lot easier.  There is a lot less time spent typing and retyping emails and more importantly you won’t have to try and remember what you said to which coach if they should happen to call.    However it’s critically important you don’t accidently list the wrong school, wrong coach or send something littered with typos.  This is your first impression you are making and you want to ensure it’s a positive one. The email needs to include the following:

  • Your email should include the following information

  • Introduce yourself and tell them why you are writing.

  • Provide a brief background of yourself to include high school, anticipated graduation year and why you are considering their school.

  • Provide a brief background on your playing experience

  • Ask a few questions so that they have something to respond to.  Don’t make them too complicated and don’t ask about scholarships.  It’s too early for that.

  • Let them know you are enclosing your soccer resume with additional information they may find useful.  Let them know you would love to have them watch you play sometime and that you have also attached a copy of your schedule.

  • Thank them for their time and close on a positive note.  If you have recruitment site be sure to include this under your name.  Do not simply paste the link.  Instead just type something like “Recruitment Profile with Videos” and hyperlink that instead.