The Rest of The Story

Counting on a soccer scholarship to cover most of the costs of college is an extreme long shot which will really ever pay off. If you think about it, statistically only 9% of men who played high school soccer will go on to play in college and only 10% of females will do the same.   However, don’t get discouraged!  Realistically, if you can find the right fit you have the opportunity to get some form of soccer scholarship which can be supplemented in many other ways to make college more affordable. 

What you need to focus on is what you have the most control over; grades and experience.  The best way to enhance your chances of getting outside scholarships is by having good solid grades, respectable ACT or SAT scores and to have been actively involved in the community.  Don’t underestimate the community importance.  This tends to be the one thing that separates one student applicant from another.  I recommend you get involved in one or two groups per year.  If you find one you really like it’s ok to stick with it.  Just rotate the other so the resume is well rounded

When it comes to non-athletic or academic scholarships the first thing you need to learn is not to put all your eggs in one basket.  In most cases 95% of the ones you apply for won’t pan out.  That’s because everyone is applying for anyone they can find.  Therefore you should apply for as many as you can.

Start searching early so you will be prepared.  Each scholarship has a different due date an inevitably you will end up missing out on one or two that could have really helped.  Exhaust all resources by checking banks and credit unions, places of warship, parent’s place of employment.  Look at the different college sights under financial aid pages and you will see most have a section with suggestions as well. No matter how small the scholarship is for, it will all add up in the long run and will help supplement the cost of college.  This just may be the difference between being able to afford to go to the school of your dreams or not.