Portage Soccer Club Maintenance & Grounds Crew

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude."~Cynthia Ozick

Our complex could not have evolved into the cornerstone of the community it has without the countless supporters who continue to volunteer their services to our organization. These volunteers maintain both the game and practice field complexes.  This consists of mowing, striping, sprinkler system repair, building and equipment maintenance, seeding, net repair, etc. in order to take care of over 50 acres property with 14 full size  and 5 smaller sized feilds.

The cost to outsource this mainetance would run upwards of $50,000 plus per year.   Thanks to those who go far and beyond the call to volunteer service we are able to reduce fees for our players by approximately $125 per player.   This is why the Portage Soccer Club is not only the lowest cost club in the area, but has the nicest facilities of anyone.

So when you see our grounds crew out and about working on the facilities take a moment to stop them and thank them for all they do!  David Rice, Verne Genisio, Sean Bowser, Norm Jansen, Bill Restivo, John Calnin, Mike Flynn, Gordon Groves and Ramon Hernandez.

A special thanks to Gordon Groves and Cornerstone Construction Management. Gordon and his firm donated their services as general contractor for this project. Not only was their donation a significant cost savings for us but their expertise has been invaluable.

If you have an interest in getting involved with this group please feel free to contact Verne Genisio at 269.375.8521 or via email at vernegee@gmail.com.



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