Adding Guest Players to the Tournament Roster

The process for adding guest players to a roster in GotSoccer depends on the type of team account you used to register for the tournament as well as the type of guest player.  Most clubs have “locked” team accounts. If you used your standard team account to register (preferred method), you will need to go through the process below to add a guest player. If you created a new account or are using a non-club account to register your team, you can add a guest player by just adding them to the event roster like any other player. 

To add a guest player which is a member of the same club as your team: 

  1. Login to your team account in GotSoccer (ask your registrar for the account information if you do not have it).
  2. Click on the link under the Roster column next to the “Portage Celery Cup″ event (it probably says “Default”)
  3. From the “Roster Creator”, import players from your default roster from your primary association league and hit “Copy”
  4. Click the “Release” button next to all of the players that will not be attending the tournament or that are no longer on your roster.
  5. Click the “Add Guest Player” button
  6. Under the “Search for Guest Player”, enter the full last name and full first name (or the ID# if you have the player card) and hit Search.
  7. If the player is found, you can go to the bottom of the page in your full player list and pick the “Add Guest” next to the player’s name in the full team player list.
  8. Repeat #5-7 for each additional guest player.

To add a guest player that is NOT a member of your club:

  1. The guest player will need to register for the event as a guest player. The player should use their GotSoccer login (preferred), which can be obtained from their registrar or from their team GotSoccer account if not known.  If this is not possible, the player may register with a new account, but they must have a valid ID card.
  2. For the Portage Celery Cup, the guest player registration is at:
  3. Once the player is registered as a guest, the team manager should login to their team account in GotSoccer
  4. Click on the Event, and then the “Guests” tab.4. Find the player that you want to add to your team, and click on their name
  5. In the “Team Assignment” section, next to “Guest of”, pick your team name from the drop-down, enter their jersey number, and hit “Update”. If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, please contact the tournament director and they can assign the player to your team.
  6. Click “My Events” and choose the link next to the event under “Roster”
  7. Verify that the guest player is added to the roster as a guest, and if not, use the process above to add the player.